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Van den Heuvel offers a wide range of services, from overhauling already used equipment to developing and delivering projects. You will find the options below.

Delivery of equipment & machines from stock

In our stock we have various second-hand and some new equipment and machines that we can deliver ready for use. Equipment and machines from stock are always first tested in our workshop and (if necessary) overhauled. These products can be found here:


Building machines & installations

In addition to the existing machines, we also offer the possibility to order new machines and installations from us, which we build in our extensive workshop. Our engineers can advise you and develop a costum made machine or installation for you. The types of machines & installations we offer can be found here:

In addition to a complete new machine or installation, there is also the option of using second-hand / reconditioned equipment in your installation. You can also contact us for larger storage tanks (30,000 liters and larger).


Complete projects

With 50 years of experience, Van den Heuvel has the right knowledge and expertise to provide for the entire process. We can advise you (technically) in starting your own dairy company or expanding your production line, and we can work this out from start to finish. The following acctivities are done:

  • On-site engineering
    • Perform measurements on location
    • Mapping piping
  • Designing production environment
    • Prepare P&IDs and flowcharts
    • Drawing piping and machines using CAD/CAM software
  • Transporting machines & equipment
  • Installing machines & equipment
  • Advising the use of machines & equipment

Examples of past projects can be found here:


Repair & overhaul

We also do maintenance and overhaul in-house. Our technicians can work on location or (if this is not possible) the relevant machine can be brought to our extensive workshop.