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UHT installation


In 2008 we delivered equipment to process Drinking milk and Mtindi for this factory. In 2016 they decided to start with UHT milk production packed in 1000 ml slim packages.

Also the production capacity of the factory is extended by delivering a second milktreatment line.

The delivery consisting of:

  • Second milktreatment line 
  • With complete refurbished selfcleaning separator (Westfalia MSA 60)
  • With complete refurbished selfcleaning bactofuge (Westfalia CNB 45)
  • With complete refurbished homogenizer (APV MC18)
  • 2 x pasteurized milk tanks of 12 m³
  • Completer refurbished Tetra UHT sterilizer unit (6.500 l/h)
  • With complete refurbished homogenizer (Tetra TA 25)
  • Asceptic tank with valve matrix
  • Second CIP unit


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