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Friedmar Schulenburg

  • 14 x Schulenburger
  • After electro-hydraulic lifting of the sieve- and whey-vat the milk is filled in the curd maker and renneted.
    The whey vat with the sieve goes automatically down 10 hours after siwtiching on resp. by manually operation.
    The sieve with the whey vat presses onto the curd, the outcoming whey gets through the sieve and is pumped with a whey pump into the whey vat.

    After the curd is taken out and the whey was let out of the whey vat, the sieve and the whey vat are descendend in the vat. Then cold water is pumped into the cleaning system for some minutes in order to achieve a pre-cleaning. Afterwards a 5-%-lye, heated to 70ºC,m is pumped through the cleaning system with circulation procedure. Then you rinse again with cold water. (germicide can be added) MADE AS NEW
  • Input: 2.000 liter skimmed milk
    Output: 350 - 450 kg Quark
  • Up to 50 % dry solid in end product
Category quark-processors
Stock number 1084
Dimensions L x B x H: 3500 x 2210 x 2755
Content 2000

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